Rawlings-Blake Announces $4.2 Million for After-School and Summer Programs

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake plans to announce Monday that $4.2 million in additional funding will be allocated for after-school and summer school programs, potentially affecting several thousand students, as reported by the Baltimore Sun.

According to the mayor’s office, funds are being allocated to bolster community-based organizations’ ability to offer support and administer grants to youth-related causes; to add six schools to the after-school program of the Baltimore City Community Schools Initiative; and to support the Family League of Baltimore in investing in after-school and summer programs for K-12 students in “underserved” communities.

For more information, read the whole story from the Baltimore Sun here.

MACo is working with the Maryland State Department of Education to gather information on before-school and after-school programs sponsored by parks and recreation and police departments in Baltimore City and Maryland counties. These programs provide opportunities in athletics and the arts to school-age children throughout Maryland.