Approved FY 2016 School Construction Capital Improvement Program Available Online

On May 13, 2015, the Board of Public Works met to approve the final funding and planning recommendations of the Interagency Committee on School Construction for the FY 2016 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for school construction.

The funding allocation is $318.19 million for 173 specific projects, including $175,000 for the outsourcing design reviews by the Department of General Services. The FY 2016 CIP also includes approval of planning for 22 major projects and for five (5) kindergarten projects.

The Interagency Committee on School Construction has posted the approved FY 2016 Capital Improvement Program on its website at

From the homepage, click on “Annual Capital Improvement Programs” in the left-hand column.  The FY 2016 CIP will appear; the complete listing of each LEA’s CIP requests and approved projects can be found in a document next to the name of the school district. The Introduction and Sections 1 – 17 provide general information about the program and an overview of statewide CIP requests and recommendations.

Copies of the CIP documents are also available upon request.  Requests may be submitted to:

Mr. Oakley Savage

Records Manager

Public School Construction Program

200 West Baltimore St.

Baltimore, MD 21201