Allegany County “Beats the Odds” With Math Outcomes: Here’s How

A recent analysis of many school systems’ outcomes identified a true standout – Allegany County, Maryland. What is this rural, fairly poor county doing right?

Middle school analysis from The 74 – showing multiple Allegany County schools ahead of an expected correlation between means and outcomes.

The 74, a non-profit, non-partisan news site covering education in America, tends toward the data-driven when performing its analyses of school systems, funding, and outcomes.

In a recent analysis of public school math outcomes, they identify Allegany County, Maryland as an interesting outlier, and discuss why that seems to be the case.

From their article:

What’s Allegany County doing differently? What lessons might there be for other districts seeking to break the link between students’ learning and their socioeconomic background? The answer is straightforward, if unsexy: a steady effort across the district to create coherent learning systems of professional development and coaching, curriculum matched closely to assessments and extra time for all students, all bound together by a strong vision from the district’s leadership.

If you’re following Maryland’s ongoing policy dialogue about stepping up funding for school systems, this analysis about a jurisdiction managing to reach desirable outcomes despite low income and resources is a definite must-read.

Analysis: This Poor, Rural Maryland District Is Beating the Odds in Math. Here’s How They Do It, and What I Saw in Their Schools

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