Will You Throw the First Pitch?

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Step up and share your county’s IT needs at MACo’s Summer Conference.

This year’s MACo Conference offers attendees an opportunity to voice county government information technology interests directly to private sector providers in an informal, informational format.

Share challenges & discover capabilities in this new Tech Wednesday offering.

SWITCH PITCH” IGNITE! — Meet Your Match: Solutions to County IT Challenges

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Gain quick insight into what tech can do for county governments in this fast-paced session. County IT and management professionals will state their needs, and vendors in the Tech Expo Tradeshow will respond with their pitch for solving the top tech issues. Attendees will get a chance to learn a little about a lot of vendors in a short period of time. Listen and learn!

Example County Pitches

  1. How do I empower employees to work from home in a secure and productive manner at minimal cost to the County?
  2. There are so many mobile apps in the market. Other than reading through the reviews, how can one determine the overall quality of a mobile app?  Is there a standard to check an app’s quality? What is it?
  3. What and where have been some of the more successful public/private partnerships providing broadband to unserved rural areas?

SIGN UP HERE TO BE A PART OF THIS SESSION Space is limited – Reply by July 19.

Have a pitch, but you are not attending this session?  Contact Robin Clark Eilenberg at MACo.

Tech Wednesday Vendor List

  • AVI-SPL, Inc
  • CDW-G
  • Comcast
  • Commvault
  • Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc.
  • Data Networks of America
  • ePlus Technology Inc.
  • Esri
  • Freedom Broadband
  • Fujitsu America, Inc.
  • GovDeals, Inc.
  • Juniper Networks
  • Lenovo
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Maryland Libraries
  • Maryland Relay
  • Motorola Solutions, Inc.
  • Musco Sports Lighting
  • NIC Maryland
  • Phillips Office Solutions
  • Presidio
  • Prosys Information Systems
  • Regent Development Consulting, Inc. (RDC)
  • Ricoh USA, Inc.
  • Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Rudolph’s Office & Computer Supply, Inc.
  • SAIC
  • ShoreScan Solutions
  • Splunk
  • Sprint
  • Supply Solutions, LLC
  • Tomi Environmental Solutions

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Op-Ed Urges Focusing Medicaid Debate on Improving Healthcare, not Just Cutting Costs

A recent op-ed penned by National Association of Counties Executive Director Matthew D. Chase for The Hillurges focusing the Medicaid debate on improving health care rather than just budget impacts and cost shifts.

The National Association of Counties and county elected leaders are keenly focused on improving efficiencies and lowering costs in healthcare. We understand from personal experience — counties invest more than $80 billion in residents’ health services and another $25 billion for our 3.6 million employees’ health insurance each year — the current path is unsustainable.

Yet, we remain frustrated that the debate in Congress is fixated almost exclusively on federal budget impacts and cost shifts to state and local governments, rather than on improving people’s well-being and quality of care.

As a primary safety net provider at the community level, county leaders know all too well that someone always pays at the end of the day, and, increasingly, it is local taxpayers through county health, human and public safety services. From experience, we can predict with certainty that the proposed $830 billion reduction in federal Medicaid support will drive our residents back to high cost providers such as emergency rooms, homeless shelters and jails — or worse, the county morgue.

In response, NACo has spearheaded two signature initiatives related to healthcare in recent years. One is our partnership with the National League of Cities to address the opioid and heroin epidemic, which now kills more people than car crashes. Another initiative is a collaboration with the Council of State Governments Justice Center and the American Psychiatric Association Foundation to reverse the disturbing trend of using our jails as warehouses for people with mental illnesses and co-occurring substance abuse disorders rather than treat them with professional medical care.

These county lessons are significant because Medicaid is the largest funder of preventive health, births/pregnancy, drug recovery and mental health treatment services. When we talk about the growing costs of Medicaid, it is prudent to remember the population being served. Of the 80 million individuals covered by Medicaid today, more than 34 million are children under 18 years old, 7.3 million are low-income elderly and 11 million are disabled. Approximately one-third are very low-income adults between ages 19 and 64, yet these same adults account for less than 16 percent of Medicaid costs. By comparison, the elderly and disabled represent 61 percent of Medicaid costs, with children at around 20 percent. In fact, 50 percent of all U.S. births are covered by Medicaid.

These numbers are sobering and represent profound challenges with real faces and families, not just numbers on a Congressional Budget Office spreadsheet.

Read the full op-ed on The Hill to learn more.

Healthcare reform will be discussed at the 2017 MACo Summer Conference session “ABCs of ACA, AHCA and Healthcare in Maryland“.

The MACo summer conference is August 16-19, 2017 at the Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City Maryland. This year’s theme is “You’re Hired!”.

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference:

Are You Ready For #MACoCon? VR!

This year’s Maryland Association of Counties Conference will feature a Tech Expo and two special sessions focused on technology themes, including one on social media and virtual reality.

Headsets On: Get Ready for Virtual Reality and the Social Shake-Up

Jason Michael Perry, VP of Engineering at Mindgrub, will be speaking at MACo’s Summer Conference.

Virtual reality is one of the hottest and most mysterious types of tech and its tempting serum, poured over snowballing social media use, could turn the way that government interfaces with the public into one heck of a snow cone. VR applications for county governments already include tourism, economic development, and information science, with more to come.

MACo’s social media and virtual reality session will feature Jason Perry of Mindgrub. With over 16 years of experience as an engineer and consultant, Mindgrub’s Vice President of Engineering Jason Michael Perry keeps the train on time, oversees the web and mobile engineering teams, and provides technical direction. Jason is a veteran of multiple business sectors and has strong experience working on Drupal, Javascript, and mobile application development. Before joining Mindgrub Jason was a partner in a New Orleans based web consulting firm that did work for Michael Jackson, the City of New Orleans, and Dillard University.

A New Orleans native, Jason studied Marketing and Computer Science at University of New Orleans and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA from Villanova University.

Join this session to hear more about the opportunities presented by virtual reality and its integration with county services.

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference:


City Program Trains Youth for Water Industry Jobs

An article in The Baltimore Sun highlights the Baltimore City Water Industry Career Mentoring Program which provides career training to city youth and helps clean polluted waterways in the process.

The idea is to solve two of Baltimore’s biggest problems — joblessness and polluted waterways.

Officials said the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development developed the program to address the retirement of seasoned workers in the water industry and a shortage of trained workers to replace them.

Jobs to be filled range from working on pipes to fixing erroneous water bills. Youths receive six months of mentoring and a chance to earn a career in the industry.

Mayor Catherine Pugh said the program lets Baltimore “take the lead in training the next generation of workers in the water profession.”

The mentoring program includes job-readiness training, introduction to different jobs in the water industry, job shadowing, work with a career coach, and a placement in the city’s summer jobs program, called YouthWorks. Participants then interview for full-time jobs that typically start at around $30,000 a year. The new employees are put on a path that often leads to salary increases, a department spokesman said.

“It’s a way for people who aren’t college-savvy to get a trade that you can do with your hands and still help out and contribute,” Dorsey said. “If this opportunity hadn’t presented itself, I would have been doing a lot of job-hopping.”

For more information read the full article in The Baltimore Sun

County workforce development and support services will be discussed at the 2017 MACo Summer Conference session “Second Chance for Workplace Success – A Good Program is Good for Your County“.

The MACo summer conference is August 16-19, 2017 at the Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City Maryland. This year’s theme is “You’re Hired!”.

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference:

Report Ranks Child Health Data, Maryland Scores a ‘Mixed Bag’

An annual report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, KIDS COUNT Data Book, uses health, education, economic well-being, and family and community indicators to determine how children and families across the nation are fairing. States are ranked according to these measures. This year Maryland ranked 16th in the nation for overall child well-being.

ABC2 News reports:

Umunna helped supply the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the publisher of the KIDS COUNT Data Book, with Maryland data. He said the latest information is a mixed bag. There were some improvements as well as some worrisome trends.

“We also see numbers in that report that are not very positive, particularly in the area of health,” said Umunna.

There were more child and teen deaths in 2015, which is 70 more than the year prior. While the numbers don’t specify the reason behind the spike, Umunna and his team have identified some factors.

“One of them is opioid abuse, and also the lack of prenatal care and other factors, so we think [health] is the particular area that should be looked at,” he said.

The percentage of teens who abuse alcohol or drugs is the same as five years ago. It remained steady at 6 percent. The stagnation coupled with the death rate contributed to the state’s drop in overall health rank from 22 to 30.

However, there was significant improvement in the number of children with health insurance in Maryland and nationwide.

“We see a very steep drop in the number of children who are uninsured nationally,” said Umunna.

U.S. children with health insurance is at 95 percent, a historic high. The report’s authors credit the bump to the Affordable Care Act and expansions to Medicaid and the children’s health insurance programs, the same programs that could be seeing cuts in the future.

According to the report Maryland ranked 15th in economic well-being, 12th in education, 30th for health, and 20th for family and community.

Read the ABC2 News article and Annie E. Casey Foundation Report for more information.

Maryland’s health care system and the potential impacts pending federal changes may have on it will be a topic of discussion at the 2017 MACo Summer Conference session “The ABCs of ACA, ACHA and Health Care in Maryland“.

The MACo summer conference is August 16-19, 2017 at the Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City Maryland. This year’s theme is “You’re Hired!”.

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference:

Opportunities Abound – Connect with Counties at #MACoCon

Support the work of Maryland county government and become a trusted resource by sponsoring MACo’s Summer Conference.

More than 2,000 stakeholders in local government will gather in Ocean City on August 16-19, 2017 for four days of educational workshops, exhibit shows, and networking events. Be visible – decision-makers from all levels of the public and private sector will be there!

BECOME A SPONSOR!maco-sc17-sponsor-brochure-cover

As a sponsor of MACo’s Summer Conference, you will have the opportunity to get your company’s name, products, and services in front of the people you want to reach – leaders and stakeholders in local government.

View the 2017 Summer Conference Sponsorship Brochure. All sponsor information will be displayed on signage, online, in the printed program, and in our mobile app.

Sponsorships are going quickly, but here are a few high-visibility opportunities we have left:

Power Zone Lounge Attendee Lounge – Provide the space for attendees to check email, print materials, or hold small meetings while at the conference. This high-traffic lounge hosts the mobile device charging station, Cyber Cafe, and our very popular Sponsor Showcase Sessions. Sponsor may have a rep and promo materials in the room, along with naming rights to the lounge!  Learn more.
MACO-DAY2-SUMMERCONFERENCE2016-GLG187 Taste of Maryland Reception Host – Welcome attendees to this highly anticipated reception where we’ll showcase food and beverage samples from across Maryland. Greet the guests from your promotional materials table. Sponsor logo will be included on cocktail napkins, if confirmed by June 15! Learn more.
Mobile MACo - Activity Feed Mobile App Co-Sponsor – This must-have conference navigation tool is second-to-none! Robust registrants, sponsor, and exhibitor profiles help attendees make connections. The activity feed allows attendees to share their conference experience. Interactive maps will get you from Room 201 to Booth 325. Bring this valuable tool to our attendees and you’re sure to be recognized! Learn more.
Gov Cab Reception Governor’s Cabinet Reception Co-Sponsor – Another highlight of our conference, this reception allows participants to speak directly with the Governor, Lt. Governor, and State Secretaries. Be visible! This reception is a great way to get your name in front of Maryland’s leaders. Learn more.
crab feast Crab Feast – This is our LARGEST NETWORKING EVENT of Summer Conference – it should not be missed by those companies wishing to do business with Maryland’s local governments! Sponsorship options include the band, ice cream, cups, and buffet. Learn more.
email Daily Conference Email – Help our attendees know what they shouldn’t miss each day of the conference! MACo sends a daily conference email detailing hot topics and updates for each day of the conference. Sponsor’s logo, description and link will be displayed in the body of every email which gets sent to all registrants, exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors. 56% open rate = 1,400+ daily views! Learn more!

Buffet Lunches, All-Day Beverage Stations, Chair Drops, and So Much More!

View our 2017 Summer Conference Sponsorship Brochure to see other available options, or contact Meetings & Events Director Virginia White at vwhite@mdcounties.org.

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Discuss Short-Term Rentals, Infrastructure, Hiring Practices & More in #MACoCon Sponsor Showcase Sessions

2016 MACoCon Attendees Enjoying a Sponsor Showcase Session on Water Quality

MACo’s Summer Conference will hold Sponsor Showcase Sessions to educate attendees about specific sponsor products and services, or their involvement in policy issues on the local level.

REGISTER TODAY and join MACo conference participants to learn about these topics and more, August 16-19, 2017. View the full conference schedule, including ALL session descriptions.


The Sponsor Showcase Session schedule is below:


8:15 AM – 8:45 AM:

LGIT – Hot Products!

Sponsor: Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT)

Description: Looking for courses on any of the following: Human Resources, Management, Finance & Grants, Productivity, Safety & Environment, Transit Operations, Water & Wastewater, Law Enforcement, Health & Wellness? Learn how to access all of these courses through LGIT’s Online Campus. Also, learn about LGIT’s HR Compliance Portal where you can print state and federal posters, build a handbook, and much more.

10:45 AM – 11:15 AM:

Protecting People and Communities Amidst Major Changes in the Accommodations Industry

Sponsor: Maryland Hotel Lodging Association

Description: With home sharing and short term online rentals on the rise, what can you do to maintain neighborhood integrity and prioritize guest safety? Join leaders of Maryland’s hotel community for a discussion on existing regulations in the accommodations industry and efforts to regulate short term online rentals around the country. They will discuss best practices in the areas of taxation, health and safety regulations, licensing, and zoning rules to provide you with the tools you need to protect your community.

11:30 AM – Noon:

Hidden Assets, Visible Gains: How Investment in Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Grows the Local Economy

Sponsor: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

Description: Infrastructure investment is touted as the springboard to economic growth. However, federal and state “infrastructure” dollars are generally reserved for those projects that can be seen: streets and roads, bridges, ports, airports, etc. What about the infrastructure that you can’t see, but use every day? Throughout Maryland, deferred investment in water and wastewater infrastructure systems not only poses a public health threat, but an economic one as well. Join WSSC, the state’s largest water and wastewater utility, for a look at how investment in their infrastructure can equal growth in the economies of Maryland’s counties.

12:15 PM – 12:45 PM:

Aetna’s Response to the Opioid Epidemic: A case study of health plan resource and response for the community.

Sponsor: Aetna

Description: Opioid epidemic is a complicated public health issue requiring a coordinated and integrated approach. This presentation will describe Aetna’s approach to the crisis by reducing the supply of opioids, supporting appropriate prescribing, reducing harm from problematic use, and supporting individuals who have developed substance use disorder. Integration of this approach with the community employers, providers and government will be described.

1:00 PM – 1:30 PM:

Telemedicine and Your Workforce

Sponsor: Kaiser Permanente Health Foundation of Mid-Atlantic States

Description: At Kaiser Permanente we believe in providing our members the “Right Care, at the Right Time, in the Right Setting.” In today’s fast paced environment where time is at a premium, many employees struggle to carve out time to care for their personal health and well-being – so Kaiser is bringing health care services to our members, wherever they are. Attend this session to learn more about the cost-saving, time-saving tools and resources Kaiser can provide your employees. Employees will be more engaged in their healthcare, so employers will see improvement in absenteeism, presenteeism, employee turnover, and worker’s compensation claims. Find out more about how Kaiser Permanente continues to change the face of healthcare and what that could mean for your organization or county government.


10:00 AM – 10:30 AM:

Everybody Wins: Getting Maryland Customers to Take Action to Reduce Energy Use

Sponsor: Pepco Delmarva Power

Description: Today’s utility customers expect personalized choice and control—Pepco and Delmarva Power’s energy efficiency programs offer just that. Supporting the EmPOWER Maryland Act, these programs educate customers about energy use and offer cash incentives for taking action. Grounded in data-driven research, Pepco and Delmarva Power get the right message to the right customer at the right time and place. Come learn about ways these utilities help customers save energy and money for years to come.

10:45 AM – 11:15 AM:

Women in Retirement: INVEST in YOURSELF – Empower Your Future.

Sponsor: Nationwide Retirement Solutions

Description: Today’s Women are more successful than ever before. Yet many women remain unaware of issues that may be critical to their long-term welfare and shy away from taking an active role in investment planning. What’s your future worth? Empower your future by learning more about the financial components of investing, key issues impacting modern women, and ways to potentially increase your retirement income.

11:30 AM – Noon:

The Impact of Your Hiring Practices on Your Bottom Line

Sponsor: Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company

Description: During this time of economic expansion, it is important for employers to remember the impact of their hiring practices on their workers’ compensation program. Successful workers’ compensation programs focus on accident prevention and begins with the hiring process. An employer’s first step toward injury prevention is to ensure candidates are an appropriate match for the responsibilities of the open position. Inexperienced or ill-equipped employees can have profound impact on an employer’s bottom line. Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company will discuss several points during the hiring process where employers have the opportunity to promote and maintain their commitment to a safe workplace environment.

12:15 PM – 12:45 PM:

Leveraging State Tools to Achieve Community Benefits

Sponsor: Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development

Description: Learn about tools available through the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to help small businesses and residents thrive. This session will focus on programs that your county can leverage to benefit your constituents, including energy and weatherization, small business lending, and blight removal initiatives.

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference:

#MACoCon Exhibit Halls are SOLD OUT – See the Final List of Exhibitors!

The MACo Exhibit Halls are SOLD OUT! Check out the list of vendors in advance, so you know who will be at the conference, a little bit about each organization, and where to find them!exhibit hall

On Thursday evening, conference registrants will join the Maryland counties, economic development, and tourism booths at the Taste of Maryland Reception from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm in Bayfront Hall to sample delicious fare from different parts of Maryland. We are striving to showcase everything Maryland has to offer—from little-known wineries and vineyards to mass-produced, Maryland-based concessionaires. Join us for a great evening!

The MACo Summer Conference will be held August 16-19, 2017 at the Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City Maryland. This year’s conference theme is “You’re Hired.”

And don’t miss our new Wednesday content – our special Tech Expo! 2 deep-dive sessions, an IGNITE session, and a special exhibit showcase of technology-focused vendors.

Exhibit spaces are still available in the Tech Expo only – FREE for those registered in the larger Thursday/Friday tradeshow, or $300 for those only participating in the Tech Expo. Learn more.

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference:

Rohit Bhargava to Keynote #MACoCon – Building Trust Through Storytelling

MACo’s Summer Conference Keynote Speaker, Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author Rohit Bhargava, will share the secrets of powerful storytelling to persuade, inspire, and build trust.

Rohit Bhargava, MACoCon Keynote Speaker

MACo’s Summer Conference will be August 16-19, 2017 in Ocean City, MD. 2,000+ individuals are expected to attend – influential leaders and stakeholders from all levels of Maryland’s government and the private sector. The conference theme – “You’re Hired!” – will focus on economic development and building job growth in Maryland. View the brochure for the full schedule and session descriptions.

Join MACo’s attendees on August 17 at 9:00 am to hear from Keynote Speaker, Rohit Bhargava, as he helps government officials and others understand how to establish strong and lasting trust through building connections in storytelling.

How to Tell Stories to Build Trust
Why are some leaders more effective than others? What separates companies that have their customers’ true loyalty and even love, from those that desperately cling to promotions to entice unwilling buyers? And how can you use what they know to promote your county or organization? Based on years of work advising some of the largest brands in the world on being more influential, Wall Street Best Selling author Rohit Bhargava will reveal the secrets of how to build trust and use the age-old principles of powerful storytelling to persuade anyone, be more inspiring, and share your story with the world in a way that stands out.

Rohit Bhargava is a trend curator, marketing expert, storyteller and the Wall Street Journal best-selling author of five books including Non-Obvious and Likeonomics. After spending 15 years leading brand strategy at two of the most highly respected marketing agencies in the world (Ogilvy and Leo Burnett), Rohit left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur and is currently the founder of multiple companies including the Influential Marketing Group and Ideapress Publishing. He teaches marketing and storytelling at Georgetown University and regularly travels the world as an entertaining, humble, and non-boring keynote speaker.

REGISTER TODAY to learn from Rohit and other expert speakers!

Thanks to MACo’s Keynote Sponsor, the Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT), for bringing Rohit to the conference!

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference:

Too Good to Miss: #MACoCon Session Descriptions Now Available

MACo’s highly anticipated “You’re Hired!” Summer Conference Registration Brochure is now available – with the full schedule and session descriptions.


SC17 Brochure Cover - final

You’re Hired!

August 16-19, 2017
Roland Powell Convention Center
Ocean City, MD

The theme –  “You’re Hired!” – will focus on Maryland’s wealth of opportunities in industries such as technology, the military, clean energy, the environment, agriculture, and education. Counties play a vital role in creating, maintaining, and growing the jobs in our state. Conference sessions will discuss trending data, best practices, and partnership opportunities to help counties attract and benefit from new jobs and keep our economy on an upward climb.


#MACoCon Fast Facts:

  • Estimated 2,000+ participants: local government officials, county staff decision-makers, legislators, business representatives, and exhibitors
  • 30+ educational sessions
  • 250 exhibiting companies
  • Wednesday Tech Expo will give attendees the chance to explore Biotech and Virtual Reality and what these technologies mean for Maryland counties
  • Splash Dash 5K and Fun Run/Walk offers a fun and healthy networking activity while giving your county the chance to win $5,000 for a charity of its choice!
  • Participants will learn about:
    • Technological advances to help them solve common government issues
    • Cyber-related trends to notice and threats they should avoid
    • Strategic partners available at all levels of government and the private sector, so that Maryland’s counties can be leaders on the digital frontier of local governance

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference: