Study on Wealth Formulas Due This Fall

The ongoing Study of Adequacy of Funding for Education in Maryland, overseen by the State Department of Education, will focus on the “wealth” formula used for state distributions, in an analysis due this September. The stakeholder group, which includes MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson, is coordinating with a variety of outside consultants on a study and critique of funding formulas, and an assessment of progress to date through the Thornton school funding program and other laws.

At the Workgroup meeting held March 9, consultants presented a variety of topics where these efforts underway, including the “wealth calculation,” that attracted substantial discussion from members. This year, the movement in formula funding for school districts has attracted substantial political and policy attention.

Among other topics raised in the presentations today were school size, evaluations of equity in school funding, and issues related to expanding pre-kindergarten offerings statewide.

The presentation from the consultants, overseen by MSDE, is available online.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties