House Budget Decisions Underway This Week

The House Appropriations Committee is set to begin its budget decisions this week on Wednesday, March 11. This is just the first step towards finalizing the State’s fiscal 2016 budget, which will end in a House and Senate Conference Committee to reconcile any differences in each chamber’s budget plan.

This Wednesday, the subcommittees of the Appropriations Committee will hold decision meetings on state agency budgets within their specified policy areas. The subcommittees will report these decisions to the full Appropriations Committee and the full Appropriations Committee will hold its decision meeting this Friday, March 13 beginning at 1 pm.

The Senate Budget and Taxation Committee will begin its decision process next week.

To follow along, stay tuned to Conduit Street.  MACo will post both House and Senate subcommittee and full committee decisions affecting counties, with links to relevant documents.

Relevant budget documents can also be found on MACo’s website under “Research,” “Budget and Finance,” and “2016 State Budget Documents.” This compilation includes key sections of state agency budget analyses and reports that affect county government. Links are also provided to key sections of Spending Affordability Committee briefing documents and recommendations, operating and capital budget bills and overviews, the fiscal briefing document, and multiple agency analyses of significance.