Cecil Enhances Security, Wi-Fi at Calvert Regional Park

Calvert Regional Park (photo courtesy of Cecil County Government)

Visitors to Calvert Regional Park can now enjoy the benefits of no-fee Wi-Fi service, as well as an added sense of security as Cecil County recently updated and implemented new technology at the facility.

According to a press release:

Seven (7) wifi access points will provide coverage to the main activity field, the adjacent activity fields to the east and west in the main park, as well as additional coverage for the parking lot, basketball courts, and the field located at the end of the parking lot.

To fortify more comprehensive security measures, twenty-four (24) high resolution cameras were installed on existing poles and structures, while three (3) of the existing cameras were moved to more strategic locations. Additionally, infrared illuminators were installed to provide night vision capability to all of the 180-degree cameras. New poles were put in for the west field access points and at the playground, while two (2) poles and lights were also added to the basketball courts.

“I am proud that IT can contribute to the safety of our citizens and to our out-of-county visitors at Calvert Regional Park,” commented Brian Miller, Cecil County’s Director of Information Technology (IT). “Tournament directors, families, friends and players expect to have internet access and a safe enjoyable environment when visiting a complex. These upgrades will allow the Parks & Rec department to provide additional services during their events.

“We are grateful for the collaboration with IT to make our facilities more safe and secure for our county residents and visitors,” said Parks & Recreation Director Clyde Van Dyke. “A more user-friendly Wi-Fi will heighten the experience and the services we provide for everyone as well.”

The project was partially funded using a $125,000 Program Open Space grant to defer a portion of the costs.

Calvert Regional Park, located at 304 Brick Meeting House Road in North East, consists of a synthetic turf multi-purpose field, basketball courts, 11 natural grass, multi-purpose fields, a one-mile paved trail, playgrounds, paved parking and is available for community use and tournament rental.

Read the full press release for more information.

Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge in Danger of Closing Due to Lack of Federal Funding

Maryland Reporter article (2018-07-26) reported that the United States Fish and Wildlife Service may close the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge due to the lack of federal funding to fill a critical manager position. The refuge is located on a 2,285-acre island near the mouth of Chester River on the Eastern Shore and attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. The island’s Kent County-maintained road and boat ramp/pier would remain open to the public but all other federally-maintained portions of the refuge would close. The refuge is currently operating through the support of volunteers, such as the Friends of Eastern Neck.

Shutting down the refuge, [Friends of Eastern Neck Vice President Phil Cicconi] said, would cause it to fall into disrepair and potentially attract relic-hunters who operate “like ninjas in the night.” The island is a cache of American Indian artifacts. Cicconi worries that thieves might strip anything of value from the visitor center building, a renovated 1930s-era hunting lodge. …

“It’s a nationwide system problem. What’s happening in Eastern Neck is happening all across the United States,” [National Wildlife Refuge Association Vice President of Government Affairs Desiree Sorenson-Groves said. “You can limp along for a few years, tightening your belt and no travel and, whenever somebody retires, you don’t fill the position. But at a point, you can’t do anymore.”

Find Out How Water Can Be Fun (and Profitable) at #MACoCon

Water not only provides important recreational and quality of life benefits but can also be an economic driver if leveraged properly. Learn about this important role of water at the 2018 MACo Summer Conference.

Getting Your Feet Wet: Big Benefits of Water Recreation


Water recreation, whether it is swimming, boating, or just splashing around a water park, can provide both economic and quality of life benefits. Maryland has ample water recreation opportunities that parks and recreation agencies strive to make accessible and enriching. Panelists will provide an overview of the different types of water recreation, explain how agencies deliver water recreation services, and discuss how a local government can leverage water amenities to improve the social and economic vitality of their communities.


  • Tara Eggleston Stewart, Department of Parks and Recreation Division Chief, MNCPPC, and President, Association of Aquatic Professional
  • Lisa Arrasmith, Member, Anne Arundel County Water Access Commission
  • Greg Pizzuto, Executive Director, Visit Harford!

Date & Time: Thursday, 165, 2018; 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference:

St. Mary’s Celebrates National Lighthouse Weekend

Piney Point Lighthouse Museum and Historic Park (Courtesy of St. Mary’s County Government)

As a prelude to National Lighthouse Day on August 7th, St. Mary’s County will celebrate the role of lighthouses in Southern Maryland on the first weekend of August. Special events are scheduled at the Piney Point Lighthouse, Museum, and Historic Park.

According to a press release:

National Lighthouse Day recognizes the important role lighthouses have played in the history of the United States as well as the values of safety, heroism, and American ingenuity.

During the weekend Lighthouse visitors can tour the museum, climb the oldest lighthouse on the Potomac and visit the Keepers Quarters. There will be family-friendly children activities, patrons can meet a local artist, the public is invited to bring a kayak for a paddle or pack a picnic lunch for a day of lighthouse fun.

The Piney Point Lighthouse, Museum & Historic Park is operated by the Museum Division of the St. Mary’s County Department of Recreation and Parks. The Lighthouse, Museum and Historic Park is located at 44720 Lighthouse Road in Piney Point, Maryland.

For more information about National Lighthouse Weekend events, visit www.stmarysmd.com/recreate/museums.

Calvert Water Trails Map Helps You Plan Your Next Big Boating Adventure






A Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) press release (2018-06-19) announced that DNR and Calvert County Parks and Recreation have created a new water trails guide that map the County’s waterways and water access sites. The guide was created in collaboration with the Calvert Nature Society, Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, Patuxent Riverkeeper, Chesapeake Beach, North Beach, and Solomons Island. From the press release:

“The development of these paddling routes expands the statewide network of water trails to almost 800 miles, and adds to the number and variety of water trail guides for Southern Maryland,” Maryland Natural Resources Program Director Lisa Gutierrez said. “The new map will assist boaters, canoers, kayakers and paddlers in Calvert County and beyond.” …

“The new water trails guide will enhance outdoor experiences for area residents, attract visitors to explore Calvert County, and help spread the messages of environmental stewardship and safe boating,” Calvert County Natural Resources Division Chief Karyn Molines said.

The waterproof map is available for $3.00 (covers processing and postage) through the DNR store and other locations.

Useful Links

Calvert County Water Trail Adventures Map

Learn more about the important role of water recreation at the 2018 MACo Summer Conference panel “Getting Your Feet Wet: Big Benefits of Water Recreation.” The Conference runs from August 15-18 at the Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland.

Learn more about MACo’s Summer Conference:

Baltimore City Awarded $380,000 for Stormwater Mitigation Projects

A Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) press release (2018-06-20) announced that Baltimore City has been awarded $380,000 in general obligation bond proceeds for the construction of two stormwater management projects: (1) the Druid Heights Community Development Corporation at Jones Falls/Patapsco River; and (2) the Parks and People Foundation at Baltimore Harbor. The bond proceeds were unanimously approved by the Maryland Board of Public Works. From the press release:

“Working with local communities and partners, the department identifies and prioritizes projects aimed at accelerating Chesapeake Bay restoration in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, enhancing water quality while reducing overall costs,” Maryland Natural Resources Secretary Mark Belton said. “We are leveraging existing state funds for the completion of these two Baltimore City projects, which were selected due to their strong local support and impact on the bay.”

The two projects are:

Druid Heights Community Development Corporation
Jones Falls/Patapsco River
As part of a larger neighborhood and revitalization effort, funding will convert a 3,600-square foot vacant lot into an environmental enhancement that will include three stormwater bioretention areas, pervious surfacing and the planting of 10 trees.

Parks and People Foundation
Baltimore Harbor
As part of a larger park revitalization project, funding will install four stormwater bioretention areas, 5,000-square feet of pervious surface, remediate 11,500-square feet of soil and the planting of 20 trees.

Funding for the two projects would come through the department’s Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund as well as the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Community Legacy Program, Project C.O.R.E. (Creating Opportunities for Renewal and Enterprise), Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative and Keep Maryland Beautiful.

Useful Links

Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund Web Page

Sustainable Communities Web Page

Project CORE Web Page

Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative Web Page

Keep Maryland Beautiful Web Page