Questions Abound on State’s Draft Adequacy Standards for School Construction

The Agenda for the Interagency Committee on  School Construction’s meeting today included notes from local school systems on the State’s proposed adequacy standards for school construction.

Comments ranged from general concerns to specific issues, including:

“There is concern that smaller systemic projects may no longer receive State funding.” -Harford County Public Schools

“Will these standards be utilized for evaluating the adequacy of existing facilities to meet eligibility for a future capital project? Or is the objective to create minimum standards for future projects?” -Calvert County Public Schools

Do the standards apply to portable or temporary facilities? -Many local school systems

There should be a minimum adequacy standard that Kindergarten and Pre-K students do not have to exit the‐classroom to use restrooms. -Prince George’s County Public Schools

The IAC did not make any final decision on the new adequacy standards, the item was for discussion only. For more information, see the IAC Agenda.