School Facilities Workgroup Considers Proposed Categories for School Facility Assessments

The Workgroup on the Assessment and Funding of School Facilities had a substantive discussion on September 22, with conversation focusing on a proposed set of 9 categories on how to assess the condition of school facilities.

The Workgroup on the Assessment and Funding of School Facilities, created by 2021 legislation, held its third meeting virtually this week. The majority of the conversation focused on the Facility Condition Index (FCI) and educational facilities sufficiency standards along with under which categories the Interagency Commission on School Construction (IAC) proposes to assess schools.

The meeting featured presentations from the staff of the IAC on a proposed set of 9 categories under which to assess Maryland schools, based on the FCI and sufficiency standards.

The subsequent discussion between workgroup members and IAC officials largely considered how shifting enrollment plays into the proposed 9 categories for assessment.

Chair Maggie McIntosh noted that the workgroup will have direct involvement in the final drafting and adoption of the assessment categories, to be considered in future workgroup meetings.

The meeting materials, including the agenda and full presentation, are available online.

The video of the meeting is available on the General Assembly’s YouTube site.

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