EV Charging Infrastructure Grant Opportunity: MACo Webinar April 28, Applications Due May 30

A $700 million federal grant program is open for applications for governments seeking to develop charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. MACo is hosting a free online meeting next week to discuss the grant, with a partner who can help advise local governments on how this infrastructure can serve both your government and residents.

General Grant Program Information

The Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Grant Program provides funding to strategically deploy publicly accessible electric vehicle charging infrastructure and other alternative fueling infrastructure. This grant program has two tracks: Corridor Charging (to deploy electric vehicle charging and hydrogen/propane/natural gas fueling infrastructure along designated alternative fuel corridors) and Community Charging (to install electric vehicle charging and alternative fuel in locations on public roads, schools, parks, and in publicly accessible parking facilities). Community Charging grants will prioritize rural areas as well as low- and moderate-income neighborhoods with low ratios of private parking, or high ratios of multi-unit dwellings.

Grant applications are due no later than May 30, 2023.

Read the US Department of Transportation’s full information about the grant program.

MACo Hosted Discussion on Grant Process and EV Charging Infrastructure

On Friday April 28, at 10am, MACo and MML will host an online conversation (for MACo and MML members only) on this grant program, and the potential for Maryland local governments to harness these grant funds to both comply with coming state mandates and advance policy objectives. Joining the association staff will be leaders from MACo Corporate Partner ezVOLTz:

  • ezVOLTz can build and manage the County’s EV Charging infrastructure and create a revenue stream for the County. Most other companies will only install the charger and create profit only for themselves, leaving the county out of the equation for any benefit, i.e. economic development or any additional revenue streams to help replace lost Highway User Revenues.
  • ezVOLTz is charger agnostic and can view all the chargers, their status, and collect driver data.  They provide a free driver facing app that will show ALL the chargers available and the back-end software platform for the county to manage its fleet and pricing models for different consumers (Justice40 communities, government employees, county citizens).

Read more about ezVOLTz on the company’s website.

For login information to attend the Friday April 28 online discussion, please complete the registration form.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties