Rural County Coalition Shares Lunch, Policy Updates at #MACoCon

The Rural County Coalition held their regular lunch event at the MACo 2019 December Winter Conference on December 5. The Coalition heard updates on a variety of policy issues, including solar siting, the Forest Conservation Act, volunteer firefighters, and Kirwan Commission education funding recommendations.

The Rural County Coalition is a MACo Chapter Organization that provides a voice for sixteen of Maryland’s rural counties, allowing them to offer their unique perspective on important state and federal policy issues. All MACo members (county officials and employees) are invited to attend the Coalition’s lunch event.

Queen Anne’s County Commissioner and Rural County Coalition President Jack Wilson chaired the well-attended meeting.

MACo Legal and Policy Counsel Les Knapp provided an update on the various solar siting groups that have been meeting and offered his assessment of the preliminary recommendations of the Task Force on Renewable Energy Development and Siting as well as potential solar siting for the 2020 Session. Knapp also discussed potential legislation regarding the Forest Conservation Act.

From L to R: Steve Wantz & Jack Wilson

Carroll County Commissioner Steve Wantz discussed volunteer firefighter and EMS recruitment challenges.

Wilson led a discussion on the impact of the Kirwan Commission education funding recommendations. MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson was also on hand to answer Kirwan questions from the audience.

Chip MacLeod of the MacLeod Law group sponsored the lunch event.