MACo Book Club Digs Into “Deep Work”

MACo’s “Good Government Book Club” re-convened with a lively discussion on Cal Newport’s book “Deep Work,” and discussed applications personally, and to the public sector.

#MACoCon Book Club attendeesm, as usual, had more to discuss after the formal session ended…

At each recent MACo conference. members have had a chance to participate in a “Good Government Book Club” by reading a pre-selected book in advance, and coming to the conference ready to discuss it during one of our many breakout sessions.

This winter, the selected book was Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” – a guide to reducing distraction and attention-draining behaviors arising from constant communication and social media pressures.


The session was co-moderated by two return attendees, one from within and one from outside the county community per se. St. Mary’s County Commissioner Eric Colvin and Douglas Krinsky from J.P. Morgan’s Government Banking division distributed notes to the group, and facilitated the hour-long conversation among county and private sector attendees from multiple disciplines.

Want to help select the next book for the MACo Book Club? Contact Michael Sanderson, MACo’s Executive Director, to offer your thoughts and be included in the pre-conference selection process..

Want to sponsor the Book Club at the Summer Conference in August? Contact Heather Legg to attach your name or company to a good-service, feel-good offering at the next big #MACoCon event!



Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties