State Department of Education Plans to Engage in the 2024 Legislative Process

The Maryland State Department of Education, under new leadership, plans to engage in the 2024 legislative session, a departure from years past.

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) says it will “reset its role and voice” and advocate for education policies in Annapolis during the upcoming 2024 legislative session. At the State Board of Education’s (SBOE) October 24 meeting, board members said they would work with Interim State Superintendent Dr. Carey Wright to draft a policy and agenda for the legislative session starting January 10, 2024.

The strategic shift in engagement comes as the state and counties ramp up funding and implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (“The Blueprint). The top priority for the Department will be fully funding the Blueprint.

“One of our clearest statements is advocating for full funding of the Blueprint,” said State Board Vice President Josh Michael. “And working with our stakeholders, local district partners, to ensure that there is transparency and accountability around how those funds are used to ensure that they’re improving outcomes for students.”

In recent legislative sessions, MSDE has largely remained inactive in Annapolis. However, the 2024 session is expected to focus heavily on the Blueprint as locals continue to express concerns over implementation and funding.

Access the October 24 meeting video and materials.

At the MACo Winter Conference general session, “Education Reform: The Blueprint for the Blueprint,” county and state leaders in education will examine Blueprint implementation, challenges that remain, and where Maryland is landing as it tries to reach the landmark law’s goals for public education. Speakers include representatives of key partnerships, county officials working closely “on the ground” to implement the education reform law and other leaders.

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