Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Transportation Lockbox

Voters have overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to create a “lockbox” for State transportation funds. The ballot amendment passed with 81.6% of voters in support.

The specific ballot language limits the use of the State’s Transportation Trust Fund to the payment of principal and interest on transportation bonds and for constructing and maintaining an adequate highway system or any other transportation-related purpose; and prohibits the transfer of funds into the State’s General Fund unless the governor declares a fiscal emergency and the Maryland General Assembly passes legislation approving such a transfer by a three-fifths majority in the House and the Senate.

These protections do not apply to local highway user revenues, but the measure would add additional protections for state projects being constructed in local jurisdictions.

MACo did not take a position on the legislation providing for the transportation “lockbox,” SB 829 (Ch. 422, Acts of 2013) as the bill did not provide specific protections of local highway user revenues.

Additional coverage of the ballot measure and prior to the election can be found on Conduit Street. Vote percentages in this article are based on unofficial results as of 8:00 am this morning.