Marylanders Pay Less for EV Charging vs. Gas

The Washington Post recently did an analysis of charging an EV vs refilling a car with gas. The data shows charging to be significantly cheaper. 

A recent analysis conducted by the Washington Post shows that nationally drivers that charge their vehicles spend less money compared to drivers that refill their gas tanks. In all 50 states and in all three popular car types (trucks, SUVs, and sedans) it was cheaper to use electrons over fossil fuels. Zooming in though, the rates of savings were not uniform across all jurisdictions. This is largely due to varying prices of gas and electricity rates.

Cost Savings in Maryland:

  • Electric Trucks – $40 per recharge
  • Electric SUVs – $25 per recharge
  • Electric Sedans – $32 per recharge

Neighboring Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C., & West Virginia also showed similar levels of savings.

Zooming out the most significant cost savings was recorded in the Pacific Northwest, specifically in Washington & Oregon, where consumers could save $80 & $71 per charge for electric trucks, $49 & $43 per charge for electric SUVs, and $59 & $53 per charge for electric sedans.

The article noted that an average American can expect to save roughly $700 – $1000 per year by switching to an electric vehicle.

Read the full story. 

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