More Than Bricks & Mortar (Part 2): Infrastructure & Climate Change

Building on the first More Than Bricks & Mortar panel, part two examines the intersection of infrastructure development and a changing climate. 

Bench withClimate change is one of the greatest challenges of this century. One of the largest elements of that challenge is how counites continue to support a functional society when faced with more erratic and more severe weather patterns. As global temperatures increase, our approach to infrastructure needs to be able to better address these new climate patterns.

More Than Bricks & Mortar (Part 2): Infrastructure & Climate Change 

Description: As a follow-up to part one’s The Human Side of Infrastructure, this panel explores the genuine impact of climate change on county governments. Many jurisdictions already see the effects of a more chaotic environment, both in their budgets and communities. Panelists will discuss near- and long-term challenges, including: how sea level rise will shape development, the impacts of hotter summers on public health, and the challenges and opportunities around full electrification. 


  • Secretary of the Environment Serena McIlwain, MDE 
  • The Honorable Mayor Gavin Buckley, City of Annapolis 
  • Brandy Espinola, Program Manager, UMD EFC 
  • Rebecca Rehr – Director of Climate Policy and Justice, League of Conservation Voters 

Moderator: The Honorable Regina Boyce, Maryland House of Delegates 

Date/Time: Friday, August 18, 2023; 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm 

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