More Beds Coming to State-Run Hospital Facilities in Maryland

Expanded capacity at state-run hospital facilities will be part of the $107M behavioral health investment from the Moore-Miller administration.

In a follow up to comments made in a May meeting between the Maryland Correctional Administrators Association, the Maryland Department of Health, and the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Deputy Secretary Mroz confirmed expansion of state hospital capacities. As previously reported, there has been a continuous backlog of inmates in local detention centers that require court-ordered transfer to a state hospital facility. Those numbers currently stand at 154 individuals in local facilities waiting to be transferred in while 174 individuals are awaiting appropriate placements back in the community.

According to information shared on the call, both the Thomas B. Finan Center (TBFC) and the Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center (CTPHC) will be adding beds. Forty-four new beds are estimated for TBFC, while the total number of additional beds for CTPHC is unknown. In addition to these new placement options for local detention center transfers, funds will be allocated to increase the number of residential placements. This will allow those patients ready for discharge from the hospitals to have somewhere in the community to go so others can get into the state facilities for treatment.