Bill Would Make Broad Changes in Public Safety/Policing

On March 1, 2016 MACo Legal and Policy Counsel, Les Knapp testified in support with amendments to SB 1026, Public Safety and Policing Workgroup – Recommendations, to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.

From MACo’s testimony:

The Maryland Association of Counties SUPPORTS SB 1026 WITH AMENDMENTS. MACo appreciates the efforts of the Public Safety and Policing Workgroup to study and produce recommendations intended to improve the State’s framework for law enforcement.

Maryland citizens should have the utmost confidence in the law enforcement serving their communities. Reforms that enhance accountability and uphold the integrity of the law enforcement community should be pursued. Counties seek to ensure that among these broad reforms, the disciplinary process remains effective; statewide standards are flexible and feasible; and that whistleblower protections are not overbroad.

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