Calvert County Awards Motorola Solutions, Inc. Contract for New Public Safety Radio System

This week, Calvert County awarded Motorola Solutions, Inc., a MACo Silver Corporate Partner, a $21.4 million contract for a new public safety digital communications system. The system will help public safety agencies respond more quickly and efficiently to emergency calls.

According to the Calvert County press release,

The new radios and towers will replace the county’s 20-year-old system and will enable police and fire departments throughout the county to better communicate with other county, state and federal agencies when a multi-jurisdictional response is required.

“This is the largest single contract Calvert County Government has ever awarded,” explained Calvert County Commissioner President Evan K. Slaughenhoupt Jr. “This new system brings us into the 21st century and provides the required level of safety and service our citizens and our first responders deserve.”

“With this contract, we will have the required level of interoperability with other jurisdictions,” explained Jackie Vaughan, Calvert County Director of Public Safety. “Another key component is that Calvert County will maintain full control of the entire system, including the new towers and radios as opposed to the leasing arrangement we have now.”

The new system will replace the existing five towers, add radio technology in five additional locations and provide 1,100 new mobile radios for first responders.

The state-of-the-art radio system comes with a guaranteed 20-year maintenance and life cycle plan to provide protection against technological obsolescence and ensure continued interoperability with all jurisdictions. The new system will also provide increased functionality such as GIS mapping with automatic emergency personnel location and “man down” emergency alerts.  New tower construction will begin this summer with completion by December 2017.