Five Counties Received Safe Summer Resources from Moore-Miller Administration

As summer nears to an end, safe summer initiatives and outcomes will begin to come into focus across jurisdictions. 

When the weather warms up, it is not uncommon to see an uptick in crime and violence, especially during the summer months. This coincides with the time many children are out of school for the season. Safe Summer initiatives have been instrumental over the years in making sure school age children have engagement and enrichment opportunities throughout those months to help keep them out of trouble.

Last month, the Moore-Miller administration announced their new vision to address public safety, which included resources for local initiatives in five counties. Prince George’s, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City as a group account for 75 percent of youth violence referrals in Maryland; therefore they are the five jurisdictions targeted to receive additional resources as part of the Governor’s Safe Summer Initiatives.

In Prince George’s an eight week calendar outlines late night offerings for youth in local community centers at more than 17 different locations across the county. They did not establish a youth curfew at the beginning of the summer. Baltimore City did establish a youth curfew this year that began in June but is also offering activities and events on the B’More Safe Summer Hub. The calendar also includes an upcoming Back to School event on August 19th.

Other jurisdictions offer an array of affordable camp options and activities to ensure engagement is an option. With the summer months nearing an end, the first comprehensive numbers to compare this years efforts and results to past outcomes will be forthcoming.