Cops and Kids Basketball in Baltimore County Follows Community-Centered Policing Strategies

Cops and Kids sports program in Baltimore County follows best-practice guidelines for enhancing community-centered policing. 

Along with a host of other programs like the Public Safety Cadet Program and the Youth Leadership Academy, Baltimore County Police offer basketball clinics. Police Chief McCullough and Director Remmell from the Office Of Community Engagement stopped by to join in on the fun at today’s session.

The program was created by Officer Keith Boone and offers a place for kids, ages 6 to 17 to play basketball with the officials in charge of keeping them and their families safe. While enjoying the activity kids get to learn a little more about police officers and the jobs they do in the community. Previous Conduit Street Blog coverage highlighted the top four ways to improve community-centered policing. The number two most important strategy, according to the survey, was prioritizing positive interactions with residents. Programs like “Cops and Kids” in Baltimore County is a winning example.