WalletHub Ranks Maryland’s Community Colleges Second Best in the Country

A 2022 report recently published by WalletHub ranks Maryland’s community colleges as the second best in the country.

WalletHub is a personal finance website that also publishes reports and comparative data on consumer-related topics. The site published a new report analyzing and ranking community colleges systems across the country based on a variety of criteria.

Maryland’s community college system ranks second best in the country according to WalletHub’s analysis, just after Connecticut.

Governor Larry Hogan on Twitter praised the ranking and highlighted the role of community colleges in Maryland, saying “these institutions have world-class faculties, offer innovative workforce development programs, and play a critical role in the state’s economy, supporting well over 100,000 jobs.”

Counties provide substantial support for community colleges, and MACo has long-supported efforts the General Assembly to consider various budget and policy priorities for community colleges. In fact, the evolving and deepening role of community colleges was front-and-center at the 2022 MACo Summer Conference in Ocean City.

WalletHub’s methodology:

For our state-by-state analysis, we calculated a weighted average of the scores earned by the community colleges in each state and the number of students enrolled in each school. The state with the highest average corresponds with a rank of No. 1, or the best community-college system.

Read the full WalletHub report.