This Week: Legislators Briefed on Budget Funding for Community Colleges

This week, several legislative committees and subcommittees are scheduled to be briefed on the proposed budget aid to community colleges. MACo supports stabilization and full-funding for community colleges.

Every session, various subgroups of the General Assembly are briefed on relevant aspects of the governor’s proposed budget for the coming fiscal year that are relevant to those groups’ focus policy areas. This week, several such legislative bodies are set to be briefed on the budget’s proposed funding for community colleges.

Counties provide substantial support for community colleges, and MACo urges the General Assembly to consider various budget priorities for community colleges — especially full state funding of the cost share formula that ties community college aid to 29% of four-year university aid —  when considering this year’s budget proposal.

Briefings to watch:

  • Wednesday, February 9: The House Appropriations Education and Economic Development Subcommittee will be briefed on aid to community colleges at 1 p.m..
  • Thursday, February 8: The Senate Budget and Taxation Education, Business and Administration Subcommittee will be briefed on aid to community colleges at 1 p.m..

Briefings will be live-streamed online.

Visit the General Assembly’s website for the full schedule of this week’s bill hearings and committee briefings.