A-Listers Drop-in for Drone Dilemma Discourse at #MACoCon

MACo welcomes county and municipal law enforcement to take advantage of a MACo Conference educational session delving into issues inherent to state and local law enforcement coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration in an era of rapidly expanding drone use and frequently changing regulations. Registration information below.

Robert Campbell, Airspace Security Coordinator, US Capitol Police Command and Coordination Bureau will join MACo’s conference to discuss the challenges of law enforcement in the area of unmanned aircraft systems.

Three A-listers are coming to MACo’s August 14, 2019 Tech Expo to start a discussion on the local law enforcement role in stopping unlawful hobbyist use of drones, or unmanned aircraft systems.


  • Robert Campbell, Airspace Security Coordinator, US Capitol Police Command and Coordination Bureau outlined the steps local officers should take when they are presented with a violation of federal drone regulations with a training tool later picked-up for nationwide use.
  • Kenny Maldonado, Special Agent, Federal Aviation Administration, is one of 15 Law Enforcement Assistance Program liaisons in the Office of National Security Programs & Incident Response. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, he has worked with law enforcement throughout his region.
  • Captain Keith McMinn, Assistant Commander, Maryland State Police Aviation Command led Maryland’s task force on unmanned aircraft systems and wrote his thesis at the Naval Post Graduate Institute in Monterey on drone technology.

The need for education of local law enforcement abilities to respond to complaints regarding drones flying too close to people, infringing on privacy rights, or flying over protected government critical infrastructure was one of the recommendations of Maryland’s statewide workgroup on drone technology.

MACo’s conference session, Drone Dilemma: Flying Under the Radar, is an opportunity to focus on this topic.

Drone Dilemma: Flying Under the Radar


A statewide report recently documented incidents of drones flying too near to persons or property, flying into restricted or prohibited airspace, flying too near airports or aircraft, being used for voyeurism or spying, and hindering public safety operations. These activities fly in the face of county governments, whose public duties and responsibilities include shielding county critical infrastructure from illegal surveillance, preventing drone interference with police, fire, and emergency response missions, and protecting the privacy of their residents. This session will describe federal drone regulations that can help county governments protect residents’ rights and shield public interests. Panelists will also share opportunities for law enforcement education and collaboration with other state and federal partners.

Date & Time:

Wednesday, August 14, 2019; 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm

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