Get the Latest on Food Safety Requirements at #MACoCon

Learn about recent changes to food safety laws that directly affect your residents and businesses at the 2019 MACo Summer Conference. Get the latest news on private kitchens, cottage food products, polystyrene containers, and plastic straws.

Delicious or Deadly? A Food Safety Update


Food safety is a critical function of local health departments. Improperly prepared food and unsafe kitchen practices have caused the deaths of Maryland residents. The 2019 Legislative Session saw the passage or consideration of various legislation changing food safety requirements. Panelists will discuss the state’s ban on polystyrene for food containers, potential restrictions on plastic straws, changes to cottage food products, and reduced restrictions on private kitchens.


  • Jessica Speaker, Acting Assistant Commissioner: Environmental Health, Baltimore City
  • Patricia Vauls, Director, Office of Food Protection, Maryland Department of Health
  • The Honorable Sara Love, Maryland House of Delegates


The Honorable Michael McKay, Maryland House of Delegates

Date & Time: Friday, August 16, 2019; 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm

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