Beneath the Surface at #MACoCon – How GPR Can Help Analyze Your Infrastructure

The Maryland Environmental Service (MES) will host a session on ground penetrating radar and its positive affects on counties’ bottom lines at MACo’s Summer Conference.

MACo’s 2019 Summer Conference, “Winds of Change,” will take place on August 14-17 at the Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, MD. Nearly 3,000 individuals from across Maryland will gather to discuss advancements and changes being seen at all levels of government, from cybersecurity to Phase III WIP to school funding.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge
In 2018, MES scanned more than 700 bridges providing detailed analysis and reporting for the MDOT State Highway Administration. (Photo: coastalpics)

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is an emerging technology that can positively impact the budgets of local jurisdictions through applications such as collecting bridge and roadway data, detecting possible sewer line intrusions, pinpointing water main breaks, and more. All of these potential uses help localities identify and respond to critical situations and plan their budgets accordingly. Join this session on Wednesday, August 14, from 2:45 pm – 3:15 pm to learn how using GPR can help your county analyze infrastructure better, faster, and with an eye on your budget. Learn more about how MES is using 3D radar technology to analyze roads and bridges throughout the state.


TMES 2017his session is part of MACo’s Solutions Showcase series and will be presented by the Maryland Environmental Service, who is sponsoring the lemonade and water stands at MACo’s Summer Conference Crab Feast.

From the MES website:

Established in 1970, MES operates nearly 1,000 environmental projects and services across the Mid-Atlantic Region, and employs over 800 teammates. An independent, self-supporting State agency, MES enhances and protects Maryland’s environment through innovative solutions to the region’s most complex environmental challenges. MES is a unique, not-for-profit public corporation that combines public sector commitment to environmental protection with private sector flexibility and responsiveness. More than two-thirds of MES’ revenues flow directly to the private sector. MES receives no direct State operations funding and does not have regulatory authority. To learn more, visit

Be sure to visit MES in booth 231 at MACo’s Summer Conference. Thank you, Bronze Corporate Partner MES, for all you do for Maryland’s counties!

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