DLS: What Our Last Session Costs Us

Legislation passed this year could end up costing the State up to $808.8 million by fiscal 2023, according to a new report by the Department of Legislative Services (DLS).

Legislation passed during the 2018 session (excluding the operating and capital budget bills) is anticipated to result in a net decrease in general fund revenues by $319.7 million. General fund expenditures are anticipated to decrease by $184.6 million in fiscal 2019, mitigating the effects of the decreased revenue stream and resulting in a net negative impact of $135.1 million.

Interestingly, the report features a section on the costs of new State mandates on local governments. DLS counts 22 new mandates on local governments as a result of the 2018 legislative session. A “mandate” is defined as “a directive in a bill requiring a local government unit to perform a task or assume a responsibility that has a discernible fiscal impact on the local government unit[.]”

The report also lists all bills that passed which may affect local government revenues, all bills impacting local government expenditures,  and whether those bills assert mandates, or not.

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