Executive Order Aims to Expedite Rural Internet Expansion

Broadband is a subject included in a report from the Department of Agriculture, and the topic of an executive order from the White House.

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As reported by B&C, White House Makes Rural Broadband a Priority, the Department of Agriculture has officially dubbed “Reliable and affordable high-speed connectivity” as a key to helping rural America.

As reported by Fox 4 News in, President Trump signs executive order to expand broadband in rural areas:

Trump was set to make two moves on rural broadband Monday, with plans to sign an executive order and a memo that the White House described as “incremental,” but the start of an effort to make progress on the issue. White House officials said all work was in the early stages and did not offer an overall timeline. Officials noted the price tag for rural broadband expansion has been estimated at $80 billion, but said the administration had not determined a cost.

MACo and representatives of rural counties have participated in Maryland’s Rural Broadband Task Force. For more information, contact Natasha Mehu of MACo.