Ideas Add Up to a 10% Reduction in County School Construction Costs

Frederick County School Construction Work Group Presents Cost Savings in Final Report.

As reported by Frederick County, a work group appointed by County Executive Gardner has met its charge by identifying means to reduce school construction costs by 8-10%.

A report on school construction from Frederick County considers possible savings of new HVAC technology.

Some items identified in the report include changes to the construction of schools, such as:

  • reducing the overall size of schools ($2 million in potential savings)
  • changing ceiling tiles ($300,000 in potential savings)
  • altering the height of roof parapets ($45,000 in potential savings)
  • employing Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Technology for school HVAC systems

From Frederick County:

The report contains over 40 recommendations ranging from legislative solutions, site acquisition and preparation, delivery methods, construction technologies and other general cost savings.

For more information, see the full report, Reducing School Construction Costs While Preserving Excellence in Education.