Harford Awards Grants to Boost Local Tourism

Twenty nine nonprofits in Harford County were awarded competitive grants to promote tourism in the county. This is the third year that the Glassman administration has awarded grants, funded by the county’s hotel lodging fee, in order to help stimulate tourism and economic activity. From The Baltimore Sun:

In a news release, County Executive Barry Glassman announced that 29 local nonprofits will receive a total of $1.5 million in funding to plan and implement a variety of tourism related activities including historical, cultural, agricultural, heritage and eco-tourism operations.

The grants are funded competitively to spur economic activity and promote attractions enjoyed by visitors and Harford County citizens alike,the news release states.

“I am committed to moving Harford County forward as a premier tourism destination and supporting opportunities that enhance our quality of life,” Glassman said in a statement. “My administration’s competitive award process provides accountability for how funds are used while assisting nonprofits in sustaining and enhancing tourism-related programs and activities. This funding also indirectly boosts local businesses, including restaurants and shops, when visitors come to Harford County.”

To learn more read the full article in The Baltimore Sun or the county news release.