MACo’s Session: A Round Up of the Wrap-Ups

MACo’s legislative efforts earned a 77% success rate – and as usual, the counties’ voice makes a difference in Annapolis. Bills we support are more likely to pass, and bills we oppose are more likely to fail.

2017 Infographic-REAL FINAL.jpgMACo’s legislative initiatives, priorities, and positions are directed by its Legislative Committee. This body comprises elected representatives from all of MACo’s members – the 24 county jurisdictions (including Baltimore City). It functions on a “one county, one vote” system of deciding the Association’s legislative strategies, ensuring that all counties have an equal “say” at the table. All 24 jurisdictions participated regularly in the weekly meetings throughout the session – where they also engaged with policy leaders and advocates as our guests.

Our policy staff have compiled updates and results on all of the bills the Legislative Committee decided to take action on this year.

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