2017 End of Session Wrap-Up: Finance and Procurement

The segments below provide a brief overview of MACo’s work in the area of finance and procurement policy in the 2017 General Assembly. 

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Tax Sales

Push Icons-DEFEATEDMACo opposed a bill that, as amended, imposes a moratorium on using tax sales to collect water and sewer liens. MACo raised concerns with laws limiting collection of overdue fines and charges – citing unfairness to those who make timely payments and contribute to supporting the local water infrastructure. An amended version of House Bill 453 passed the House of Delegates but not the Senate. However, a bill to require a multi-party study of tax sale processes was passed by the General Assembly and awaits the Governor’s signature. Bill InformationMACo Coverage


Push Icons-NOT IDEAL

MACo supported a bill that would allow local governments to use tax sale procedures to collect on judgments for property maintenance and nuisance condition violations. The bill provided local governments with the tax sale tool to abate nuisance conditions, without having to pass those costs onto other taxpayers. House Bill 1496 did not advance out of its Committee. Bill InformationMACo Coverage

TIFs (Tax Increment Financing Developments)

Push Icons-DEFEATEDMACo successfully opposed a bill which would have made it more difficult for counties to use tax increment financing (TIFs) by requiring payment of prevailing wages on construction contracts receiving any funds from TIF bond proceeds. Senate Bill 870/House Bill 466 was given an unfavorable report by the House Economic Matters Committee. Bill InformationMACo Coverage

Economic Development

Push Icons-NOT IDEALMACo supported an Administration bill to provide the Department of Commerce more flexibility in providing economic development assistance. This economic development assistance program funds grants, loans, and investments to support economic development initiatives, including business attraction and retention, infrastructure support, brownfield redevelopment, and local strategic planning. House Bill 161 did not advance out of its committee. Bill InformationMACo Testimony


Procurement Reform

Push Icons-WONMACo successfully supported an Administration bill to implement recommendations made by the Commission to Modernize State Procurement. Senate Bill 310/House Bill 390 “Improving the State Procurement Oversight Structure,” has passed both chambers and awaits the Governor’s signature. Bill InformationMACo Coverage


Push Icons-WONMACo successfully supported an effort to streamline procurement efforts related to campaign finance reform. Senate Bill 632/House Bill 118 simplifies a campaign finance/procurement law mandate on counties. The bill replaces a requirement that counties notify the State Board of Elections if awardees of certain contracts fail to file requisite campaign finance disclosures. Instead, it requires counties to file a list of all contract awardees required to file those disclosures. Bill InformationMACo Coverage

Store Licenses

Push Icons-DEFEATEDMACo suggested fundamental amendments to improve a bill to streamline trader’s and chain store license fees with a flat fee. MACo’s amendments would have made the fees equal in all counties, and would have helped out small businesses that may have seen an increase in fees under the bill. House Bill 859 received an unfavorable report from its committee. Bill InformationMACo Coverage.

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