Hogan Signs Bill Granting Tax Breaks for Creating New Maryland Manufacturing Jobs

Manufacturers creating new jobs in Maryland could receive tax breaks under a bill Governor Larry Hogan signed into law Tuesday, the product of a hard-won compromise that came together in the final hours of this year’s legislative session.

According to The Baltimore Sun,

The measure, which offers some relief from sales, property and income taxes in exchange for providing workers with skills training, was one of more than 110 bills the Republican governor signed at the traditional ceremony, held the morning following adjournment of the annual 90-day session.

He was flanked by Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael E. Busch, both Democrats. The three congratulated each other for working together collegially while glossing over three months of partisan broadsides.

“Most of our highest priorities all got done,” Hogan said. “This is the way government is supposed to work.”

Among the other high-profile bills the governor signed was the first major rewrite of the state’s public integrity laws in about 15 years — a measure that resonated during a session that opened and closed with accusations of corruption against some members of the General Assembly.

“It’s really going to help us turn around this here in Annapolis,” Hogan said, though his legislation was substantially overhauled by lawmakers.

The bill tightens the state’s conflict-of-interest and financial disclosure rules for state officials. It was in part a reaction to the ethical missteps of Del. Dan Morhaim, the Baltimore County Democrat who was reprimanded over his advocacy for the medical marijuana industry at a time he was consulting for a license applicant.

The governor also signed a measure that came roaring into the session as the governor’s top priority — his demand that lawmakers repeal a law they enacted over his veto last year setting up a scoring system for transportation projects that he scorned. By session’s end, the issue had been politically defanged. Hogan’s “road kill bill” repeal had been transformed into the Open Transportation Investment Decision Act, which delays implementation of the scoring law, kicking any confrontation down the road until after the 2018 election.

The Tuesday morning event will be the first of multiple bill-signing ceremonies that the governor traditionally holds in the weeks following the conclusion of the legislative session. He has until late May to decide which bills to sign, veto or allow to become law without his signature.

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