MACo Supports Improving State Procurement System

MACo Associate Director, Barbara Zektick, provided written testimony in support of House Bill 390, “Improving the State Procurement Oversight Structure,” which implements recommendations made by the Commission to Modernize State Procurement, including those concerning restructuring and reorganizing the Procurement Advisory Council into the Procurement Improvement Council. Most relevant to MACo, the bill charges the new Council with coordinating with local entities to maximize use of intergovernmental purchasing.

The Commission to Modernize State Procurement, created by Governor Larry Hogan in February and chaired by Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, released its final Report last December including more than 200 pages and 57 recommendations for streamlining procurement efforts, expanding small and minority-owned business opportunities, promoting efficiency through automation and technology upgrades, and removing redundant and unnecessary procurement processes.

From MACo testimony:

MACo appreciates the extensive, hard work completed by the Commission to recommend nearly 60 improvements that allow the State to get the best deals, most efficiently, in the fairest and most transparent manner. MACo especially appreciates the Commission’s recommendations which also allow counties to reap benefits from improved coordination on procurement, including this recommendation to maximize cooperative purchasing arrangements.

Recommendations by the Commission of particular noteworthiness to local governments are available here.

The cross-file to the bill, Senate Bill 310, was heard by the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs committee on February 16, 2017. Find previous coverage of the bill on Conduit Street.

Follow MACo’s advocacy efforts during the 2017 legislative session here.

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