2017 End of Session Wrap-Up: Employee Benefits & Relations

The segments below provide a brief overview of MACo’s employee benefits advocacy in the 2017 General Assembly. 

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Teacher Pension Costs

Push Icons-WONMACo supported successful passage of a bill that addresses the shortfall in funding required to meet the portion of Maryland state teacher pension costs that exceed costs anticipated during the 2012 “pension shift.” MACo joined the Maryland Association of Boards of Education in supporting the State one-time appropriation of $19.7 million to close the gap. House Bill 1109/Senate Bill 1001 was signed into law by the Governor. Bill InformationMACo Coverage

Residency Requirements for County Employees

Push Icons-WONMACo successfully supported passage of a bill to provide local governments with greater autonomy and flexibility in implementing local policies designed to serve and react to community needs. House Bill 167 has been passed by both chambers and awaits the Governor’s signature. Bill InformationMACo Coverage

Collective Bargaining Mandates

MACo helped stop two collective bargaining mandates that would have increased costs and administration for county governments

Push Icons-DEFEATEDHouse Bill 1370 mandated a prescriptive, one-size-fits-all design that would expand collective bargaining rights in a third of Maryland’s counties. “Employment Rights for Local Government Employees” did not advance out of committee. Bill Information | MACo Coverage


Push Icons-DEFEATEDSenate Bill 652/House Bill 871 would have mandated certain collective bargaining structures at county-funded community colleges.  Neither bill advanced out of its assigned committees in either chamber. Bill Information | MACo Coverage


Sick Leave

MACo opposed three bills that would have created new requirements for county government sick leave policies.

Push Icons-NOT IDEALSenate Bill 230/House Bill 1 The “Maryland Healthy Working Families Act” passed the General Assembly and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. Bill InformationMACo Coverage



Push Icons-DEFEATEDSenate Bill 305/House Bill 382 “Commonsense Paid Leave Act,” which was part of the Governor’s legislative package, did not advance out of committee in either chamber. Bill InformationMACo Coverage


Push Icons-DEFEATEDHouse Bill 854, a bill targeting at county governments and the benefits they provide to grant-funded employees, received an unfavorable report from the House Economic Matters Committee. Bill InformationMACo Coverage 

Minimum Wage

Push Icons-DEFEATEDMACo opposed a bill called the “Fight for Fifteen,” which would have raised the statewide minimum wage to $15 by 2023. Counties had concerns that this increase would place a significant fiscal burden on county governments. Senate Bill 962/House Bill 1416 did not advance out of committee in either chamber.  Bill InformationMACo Coverage.

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