Legislation to Close Gap in Teachers’ Pensions Moving in House and Senate

A bill which addresses the shortfall in funding required to meet the portion of Maryland state teacher pension costs that exceed costs anticipated during the 2012 “pension shift” is on the move in the General Assembly. House Bill 1109 / Senate Bill 1001, “Teachers’ Retirement and Pension Systems – County Boards of Education Payments,” passed both the House and Senate and have now crossed over to be heard in the opposite chamber.

The actual normal costs of teacher pensions in fiscal year 2017 are approximately $19.7 million more than the amount that local school boards were estimated to provide in legislation passed by the General Assembly in 2012.

The additional funding required in fiscal year 2017 is mainly attributable to changes outside of the control of local school boards. At the same time, absorbing this additional cost in fiscal year 2017 could put pressure on school board budgets, and county governments who provide much of their funding.

The amendments allow the state to pay the difference in either FY 2018 or FY 2019.

MACo joined the Maryland Association of Boards of Education in supporting the bill.

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