2017 End of Session Wrap-Up: Vehicle Laws

Below is a brief overview of MACo’s work to preserve local authority over enforcement of vehicle laws in the 2017 General Assembly. 

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MACo successfully negotiated amendments to prevent a bill from narrowing local enforcement options for plug-in vehicle parking. In its original form, Senate Bill 302/House Bill 36 would have created a statewide scheme for enforcing parking spaces set aside for plug-in electric drive vehicles. Through discussions with MACo, the bill sponsor agreed to offer amendments that would address MACo’s concerns. Ultimately, the legislation did not pass this year, but if it returns, it will likely include MACo’s amendments upon introduction. Bill Information | MACo Testimony

Push Icons-DEFEATEDMACo stopped a bill that would have precluded local governments from any increase in parking fines or penalties until at least 30 days after the parking ticket has been issued. Senate Bill 136 was recommitted to its committee and did not advance to passage. Bill Information | MACo Coverage


Push Icons-NOT IDEALMACo supported legislation to authorize certain counties to regulate and permit heavy-weight vehicles on their own roads. Unfortunately, Senate Bill 640/House Bill 930 did not advance out of committee in either chamber. Bill Information | MACo Coverage


Push Icons-DEFEATEDMACo stopped a bill that would have required jurisdictions owning roads in school zones where the speed limit is at least 35 miles per hour to place traffic signals at all marked crosswalks. MACo encouraged the Committee to consider amending SB 865 to authorize – rather than require – installation of the subject traffic signals. Ultimately, the legislation died in committee. Bill Information | MACo Coverage

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