Wicomico Weighing School Start Date Options

While the General Assembly deliberates over a mandatory start date for all schools in the state, the Wicomico County Board of Education is looking to its local community for input on preferences in start and end dates for the school schedule. Under current law, a local school board may determine its school schedule reflective of local interests and concerns.

As described in an article of the Delmarva Now,

Start school two weeks before Labor Day and end at the start of Ramadan in the first week of June. Or, start a day after Labor Day and close the academic year a day after Father’s Day, or June 20. Stakeholders can comment on these and another proposed start to the upcoming academic year for students attending Wicomico County public schools.

For more information on Wicomico’s meeting, see the full story from the Delmarva Now here.  For more information on the topic of school start times, see the Maryland Association of Boards of Education.