FY2016 Aid to Education Report Provides Analysis of Budget Reductions

The Department of Legislative Services recently presented an analysis of the State’s Aid to Education, an annual report prepared for the General Assembly as part of their budget hearings.  The report contains summaries of the State’s education budget and the effects of the Governor’s proposed budget within context of prior years’ funding.

Here are a few excerpts,

Foundation formula ($64.6 Million Increase): . . .Under current law, the per pupil foundation amount would increase to $6,954 based on the 1.4% increase in the implicit price deflator. This would result in an increase of $64.6 million.  The $40.7 million contingent reduction to the foundation formula that results from level funding the per pupil foundation amount at the fiscal 2015 level would result in a net increase of only $23.9 million

NTI ($8.9 Million Increase):…The BRFA of  2015 proposes freezing the fiscal 2016 amount at the fiscal 2015 level (40%), which result in a $12.1 million contingent reduction. To the extent that changes are made to the per pupil foundation amount, the reduction for the NTI grant would also be impacted.

GCEI ($64.6 Million Decrease): . . . The fiscal 2016 allowance funds GCEI at 50.0%, which results in a general fund reduction of $64.6 million for 13 school systems. . .

For more information see the full report online.