Small Cell Tsunami Session Gathering Waves

County governments, infrastructure suppliers, and wireless services providers are all putting forth representatives for MACo’s Summer Conference Session on small cell technology.

The Maryland Association of Counties Summer Conference will feature a session on small cell technology. This is in some ways a continuation of the conversations that were started at MACo’s Symposium on Small Cells held this spring.

In this session, wireless services providers will have a chance to share their perspective on the importance of small cells to Maryland, while attorneys from two of the jurisdictions out in front of this issue will share their lessons learned regarding the county role in small cell approvals and implementation.

Small Cells Major Issues Panel
County representatives discuss federal timelines and shot clocks for small cells that counties must meet at MACo’s Spring Symposium, The Big Picture on Small Cells. The conversation on small cells will continue at the MACo Summer Conference.

Surf’s Up! Small Cell Tsunami

The hanging of small cells on new and existing poles affects a range of issues, including business development, rural connectivity, and health concerns. Several counties have already dipped a toe in the water, negotiating directly with providers on zoning and licensing. Hear about 5G technology and what it could mean for Maryland, learn more about the necessary county role, and see a small cell up close at this educational session.


  • Victor K. Tervala, Chief Solicitor, Legal Advice & Opinions, Baltimore City Department of Law
  • Jeff Zyontz, Esq., Senior Legislative Analyst, Montgomery County Council
  • Richard Rothrock, Government Relations Manager, Crown Castle
  • LaTara Harris, Regional Director of External Affairs, AT&T
  • Michelle Painter, Counsel, Government Affairs, Sprint
  • Genese N. Thomas, Esq., Network Real Estate, Verizon Wireless


The Honorable Johnny Mautz, Maryland House of Delegates


Wednesday, August 15, 2018 / 11 am


MACo Summer Conference, Roland E Powell Convention Center, Ocean City, Maryland

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