This Week’s MACo Testimony – Week of February 3, 2014

The MACo staff gave testimony this week on the following bills:

February 5, 2014:

MACo supported two bills seeking to regulate “cash for phone” machines in a manner similar to pawnshops and secondhand dealers, and sought to avoid pre-emption of jurisdictions who may seek to ban or further regulate these machines or their operators.

February 6, 2014:

MACo suggested that a proposed modification to Homestead Tax Credit eligibility be made only prospectively, rather than retroactively.

MACo suggested that a “Zero Waste” Task Force could be viable if its charge were less directive, and if enforcement penalties were not prescribed within the initiating legislation.

MACo supported a procedural change to grant broader flexibility for jurisdictions creating tax incentives for Affordable Housing Land Trusts.

MACo opposed two bills suggesting changes in the timing of early voting, which would present serious costs and administrative burdens for local election administration.

MACo supported a resolution to the “dangerous dog” liability issue, while joining law enforcement in supporting an exemption for properly trained police dogs.

To see online versions of MACo’s written testimony from the 2014 legislative session, click here.