Anne Arundel County Delegation Outlines 2014 Priorities

A January 8 Capital Gazette article highlighted the legislative priorities of Anne Arundel County’s delegation for the 2014 Session, including increasing funding for County transportation projects, creating an independent police force for Anne Arundel Community College, and creating a partially elected school board.  Delegation members also expect to consider a variety of proposals to either repeal or amend the 2012 stormwater utility fee legislation.

“The Anne Arundel County delegates are all very focused on the stormwater legislation because it is of such concern to our constituents and affects Anne Arundel disproportionately to other counties,” said Del. Steve Schuh, R-Gibson Island, chairman of the Anne Arundel County delegation.

Lawmakers expect to see proposals to repeal or change the state mandate that the 10 largest jurisdictions, including Anne Arundel, assess stormwater fees to help clean up the Chesapeake Bay.

The article noted that prior to the recession, local governments received about 30 percent of highway user revenue.  During the recession, the General Assembly subsequently reduced local funding to about 8 percent and did not restore the traditional local government funding percentage when passing the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act of 2013.   The  article also noted that the delegation was not unanimous in support of creating a partially elected school board.

Democrats, like House Speaker Michael E. Busch, D-Annapolis, have insisted the current system works. But Republicans say the governor has too much say in the selection of the county Board of Education.