Prince George’s Corrections Program Encourages Students to Avoid Drugs, Gangs, & Bullying

A December 19 Upper Marlboro Patch article highlights a Prince George’s Department of Corrections program where County corrections officers visit schools to discourage student involvement in drugs, gangs, and bullying.  The COPES (Correctional Officers Protecting and Educating Students) program started in 2005.

Bullying was not on the agenda when the Prince George’s Department of Corrections and its officers’ union started the program in 2005. Its original focus was drugs, gangs and peer pressure. Bullying, including cyberbullying, was added in the past couple of years because of its prevalence, [Prince George’s County Department of Corrections spokesperson Yolanda] Evans said.

“We’re with the Department of Corrections, so our goal is to decrease our population,” she said.

COPES aims to stop problems before they begin and targets children just before they head into middle school, according to Evans.

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