Post-Sandy Discussion: Rebuilding for Resiliency

As reported in Governing, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New York has created a commission to consider future infrastructure on Long Island and New York state. Rebuilding for increased resiliency is also a hot topic among planners throughout the Northeast, according to the article.  As described,

At long last, the discussion about infrastructure on Long Island, and elsewhere in the Northeast hammered by Sandy, has moved beyond simply rebuilding and has focused on rethinking instead. Perhaps centralized power grids and sewer systems need to be broken down into smaller components. Perhaps some roads and other transportation systems should be reconfigured to be more storm resistant. Perhaps new development should be focused in certain locations . . . where storm-resistant infrastructure can be concentrated. And perhaps greener solutions should also be used, such as moving hard infrastructure out of vulnerable areas and replacing it with more resilient natural systems.

In Maryland, Hurricane Sandy caused severe flooding in parts of the Eastern Shore.  The response to Hurricane Sandy and the local role of emergency management will be a topic at MACo’s Winter Conference, where local emergency managers and national experts will discuss the best practices for partnership between the government and private sector utilities during emergency response and recovery.

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