Bottle/Can Deposits Emerge As 2013 Focus

As reported in the Gazette, Maryland legislators are making plans to introduce legislation this session to create a bottle deposit program in Maryland.

House Environmental Matters Chairwoman Maggie L. McIntosh said she and other lawmakers are planning to propose a statewide, 5-cent refundable deposit on recyclable beverage containers. Although it would raise the price of a beverage six-pack, for example, by 30 cents, purchasers could offset that cost by recycling their used beverage containers.

Retailers who have opposed such bills would not be required to take back the used bottles and cans, which would be stamped for recycling refunds, said McIntosh (D-Dist. 43) of Baltimore. But retailers could choose to become reclamation centers under the proposal, the details of which are still to be decided, she said.

MACo has assembled a Bottle Bill Workgroup made up of county recycling directors and legislative staff to determine the potential local impacts of statewide bottle deposit legislation.  The workgroup met twice this fall and continues to track the issue.  For more information, you may contact Robin Clark, Policy Analyst at MACo.

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