Worcester County Delays Adopting Septic Tier System, Seeks Additional Public Input

As reported in The Maryland Coast Dispatch, Worcester County’s Planning Commission has called for increased public education on the state’s new tier-based septic system before they adopt the system.  As reported in The Dispatch:

Even with everything stacked in favor of forging ahead with a positive recommendation, the Planning Commission decided to maintain a steady pace and spend some time on public education before committing to anything.

“I really think that we need to have a public hearing,” suggested Commissioner Brooks Clayville.

There is a lack of understanding of what the tier system would mean for individual properties in the public at large, said Clayville, as well as knowledge of why a particular area is designated with a particular tier.

County Development Review and Permitting Director Ed Tudor will be planning several “information sessions” at different locations throughout the county to educate the public on the system.   There will be time during and after the sessions to submit public comments on the system.

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