Winter Conference Registration is Now Open!

2012 Winter Conference
January 4 – 6, 2012
Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Hotel, Cambridge, MD

William Donald Schaefer




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Honoring and reflecting the public service commitment
and vision of William Donald Schaefer.

Early Registration is now OPEN!

Sessions Include:

  • Academy Core Session: “Conducting Effective Meetings” 
  • Academy Core Session: “Basics of Risk Management”
  • General Session: “Finding & Fostering Future Public Leaders” 
  • General Session: “Customer Service Lessons for the Public Sector”
  • CORRECTIONS: “Cost-Saving Alternatives to Incarceration”
  • ATTORNEYS: “Pitfalls & Pillars of Ethics Compliance”
  • ENGINEERS: “Miss Utility Law – New Requirements, New Protections”
  • PARKS & RECREATION: “Recreation Innovation: Partnering with Schools”
  • ADMINISTRATORS: “The New World of Public Employees”
  • AGING: “Customer Service: Creating Effective Boundaries When Everyone Wants it Now”
  • HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES: “Federal Fallout: Prioritizing Citizen Services”
  • IT PROFESSIONALS: CivicPlus session TBD
  • PLANNERS & ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: “Septic Systems: Policy, Planning & Problems”
  • 2012 General Assembly Forecast
  • Education General Session: “Thinking Outside the Lunchbox—the New Menu of Education Alternatives”
  • Closing Session/Boxed Luncheon: “What do Federal Cuts Mean for Your County”


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