MACo 2011 Winter Conference Session – Surviving the TMDL Flood

As Maryland prepares to enter into the Phase II implementation stage for the federally mandated Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), county governments will be charged with meeting specific nutrient load reductions in nitrogen, phosphorous, and sediment runoff.  The expense and challenge of meeting these goals will be significant and failure to meet them may invoke EPA penalties or “backstops” detrimental to county priorities and growth plans.  Speakers will provide an overview of the TMDL target loads, State and county requirements, goal timelines, potential penalties, and the experiences of pilot counties with the Phase I Watershed Implementation Plan.  Speakers include:

Richard A. Eskin, Ph.D., Director, Science Services Administration

Katheleen Freeman, Director of Planning and Codes, Caroline County

Conference registration information can be found on the MACo website.

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