MACo Winter Conference: Lowest Rates End TODAY

MACo’s Winter Conference, #CountiesConnect, will be held on December 11-13, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort in Cambridge, Maryland. The event will focus on social media, communication, and open government. The lowest registration rates end tonight at 11:59 pm. REGISTER ONLINE or click on any of the links below for more information. Conduit Street Blog coverage of the Winter Conference: Facebook Representative to Speak at MACo Winter Conference MACo December 2013 Winter Conference Session…

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Winter Conference TMDL Panel – Presentations Available

The Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) at the 2011 MACo Winter Conference discussed the significant challenges and costs facing counties as they struggle to design and implement a plan to meet their TMDL nutrient reduction goals.  Both urban and rural perspectives were presented as the two Watershed Implementation Plan pilot counties, Caroline and Anne Arundel, discussed their anticipated actions and costs.  For those interested in having a copy of the presenters' powerpoint presentations, they are available here. …

Winter Conference Growth Challenges Panel – Presentations Available

The Growth Challenges General Session at the 2011 MACo Winter Conference discussed the daunting land use and environmental issues confronting both the State and county governments.  For those interested in having a copy of the presenters' powerpoint presentations, they are available here.  Remember that some of the powerpoints may be large and will take a few minutes to load. Jon M. Laria, Esquire, Chair, Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission Presentation The Honorable Stephen W. Lafferty, Maryland House of Delegates…

Presentations Available – Winter Conference Session on Managing Fiscal Realtities

The heavily attended session during the MACo Winter Conference titled "Managing Fiscal Realities and the Tough Times Ahead" provided elected officials with an overview of the challenges counties have faced in balancing their budgets over the past two years.  Speakers also offered thoughts on budgeting strategies to align revenues and expenditures, complicating factors, and approaches to consider when crafting budgets for the years ahead. Presentations: John Hammond, Budget Officer, Anne Arundel County Andrew Mackel, Deputy…

MACo 2011 Winter Conference Session – Future of Transportation Funding in Maryland

Transportation plays a significant role in our economy and our quality of life.  Yet, we find that a lack of resources and State fiscal constraints are jeopardizing our transportation infrastructure.  Maryland's backlog of highway, transit, port, and airport projects that are planned but not funded for construction has grown to an estimated $80 billion.  Local governments already face an enormous $3 billion backlog of road and bridge maintenance, even while more projects are being deferred. …

Making Reservations for the 2011 MACo Winter Conference

The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Hotel is completely sold out of rooms for the nights of January 5 and 6 during the 2011 MACo Annual Winter Conference.  Hotel accommodations can be made only over the phone with the Comfort Inn & Suites in Cambridge, Maryland (410)901.0926.  This is a brand new hotel with rates starting at $79.50 plus tax.  We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

MACo 2011 Winter Conference Session – Surviving the TMDL Flood

As Maryland prepares to enter into the Phase II implementation stage for the federally mandated Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), county governments will be charged with meeting specific nutrient load reductions in nitrogen, phosphorous, and sediment runoff.  The expense and challenge of meeting these goals will be significant and failure to meet them may invoke EPA penalties or “backstops” detrimental to county priorities and growth plans.  Speakers will provide an overview of the…

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MACo 2011 Winter Conference Session – Managing Fiscal Realities and the Tough Times Ahead

Declining revenues, including significant cuts in State aid to local governments, have forced counties to draw down rainy day and reserve funds, lay off hundreds of employees, eliminate thousands of positions, implement furloughs and pay reductions, reduce citizen services and delay projects.  Making these decisions is extremely difficult.  Many local government functions, such as maintaining roadways and overseeing jails simply must be performed, and reducing educational and public health services may have severe consequences on…

MACo 2011 Winter Conference Session – Making the Grade: County/School Board Roles and Relationships

Maryland is justifiably proud of its public school system, which has been ranked #1 for two years in a row by Education Week.  Counties play an important role in this effort by providing critical funding for education and public school construction.  The typical county spends more on education than all of its other expenditures combined.  The relationship between the State, county government, and a local school board is complex but vital to understand.  Speakers will…

MACo 2011 Winter Conference Session – Local Land Use Challenges: Past, Present, and Future

In addition to a  comprehensive introductory session on planning, MACo is also offering a general session that will discuss recent land use trends and challenges. Maryland remains a high growth state, with an additional 1.4 million new residents anticipated from 2000 to 2030.  Counties must balance protecting their precious heritage and sensitive environment while meeting the challenges posed by this projected incoming population.  And they must strike these balances even while digesting numerous new requirements and…

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