Montgomery County Schools Witness Increase in Student Enrollment

As Montgomery County students returned to school on Monday, parents and teachers alike noticed an increase in class sizes and student enrollment. The state’s largest school system had anticipated for an increase in class size, as well as, a decrease in teaching positions due to a 4.4% cut in the school systems operating budget; however enrollment figures surpassed the original enrollment projection.  The Washington Post reports,

(Montgomery County Superintendent Jerry) Weast said he was confident that students would wind up in their correct classrooms, even if a wave of late registrations meant that the school system won’t know exactly how many students it has for another month. Montgomery schools expect about 144,000 students this year, and more than 2,200 students have registered in just the past few weeks. They’re still streaming in, officials said.

“Just think of planning a dinner party, how exciting it is, without knowing how many people are coming,” Weast said.

Weast also marked the release of a report Monday praising Montgomery’s early childhood program. The report, by the Foundation for Child Development and the Pew Center on the States, says the program has helped the county improve literacy and narrow performance gaps between racial and ethnic groups.

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